Creating an effective pilot CV

So what are the recruiters looking for in a pilot CV?

As recruiters, we are frequently amazed how little effort some candidates appear to have put into creating an effective CV. Something as simple as not making it clear if your experience level meets the entry requirements, might mean that you don’t make it through to the interview stage. Equally, sending over a generic CV runs the risk of your application not standing out from the crowd – especially in a highly competitive pilot recruitment market! So what are the recruiters looking for and how can you give yourself the very best chance with every single recruitment opportunity? 

Include relevant social media links e.g. LinkedIn profile. Why? 

Recruitment software. Modern recruitment software is pretty high-tech! For example, our software will automatically scan for appropriate social media URL’s and then highlight them to us – even showing them with their relevant icon! We can then go and check out your profile for more information if we need to. Do of course ensure that your relevant social media profile is up-to-date and represents the profile of the professional pilot that you are.  

Including relevant social media account links can be a good idea

Compliance. The role of a pilot means that recruitment companies have to capture multiple compliance items such as licence type, flight hours, aircraft type-ratings, qualifications like an MCC or FI (unrestricted) and perhaps your working rights for a particular country. Just as the software did for social media URL’s, it will scan your CV searching for these compliance items – this will also help to correlate the answers that you may have given to any pre-screen questions asked. 

Tailoring your experience and including key words. 

Key word search and ranking for specific and non-specific opportunities. As recruiters, we can also search our candidate database using key words that might appear in either the job specification or any adverts associated with the role. We might even search our database for upcoming opportunities to see how many potential candidates we have, or to look for suitable candidates that may not have applied for a particular role. In general terms, the more of these key words that appear in your CV, the better – especially if your CV is sitting on our database from a previous application or registration. Your CV will also be automatically “ranked” by the software according to how closely you match the key word search or entry criteria we use – super important if you are applying to a specific job opportunity…  

Specific job applications. If you are applying for a specific campaign and not just registering on the recruitment companies’ portal, then it is especially important that your flying hours and qualifications exactly match any asked for as part of the specific entry criteria required for the role. As most companies will have subtly or significantly different entry criteria, it is vitally important that you tailor your CV for each and every application to the entry criteria for that specific role.  

“…it is vitally important that you tailor your CV for each and every application.”

Keep it relevant and concise. 

Link your experience to the role and company that you are applying to, but keep it relevant and concise. Just as you would brief in an aircraft, make sure that the content of your CV is concise and relevant. After the recruitment software has done its job, any professional recruitment team will read your CV to confirm your experience matches the job entry requirements and look for any other aspects of your professional and personal experience that might make you an asset to the company you are applying to.  

Don’t leave the recruitment team guessing. If we have to try and figure out where, what and how your experience makes you a great candidate, then it is possible that you won’t progress to the next stage. Make sure that each and every part of your CV packs a punch and is also easy to understand. 

Evidence why you are a good fit for that company. 

Brand identity. Each company will have its own unique brand identity and some will spend huge amounts of money investing in their branding, differentiating themselves from the competition with their own unique wording and phrases.  

Are you the right ‘fit’ for this company? In addition to your formal qualifications, you must try and evidence to the recruitment team just why how you personally fit into that brand strategy. Take the time to carefully research each company and then tailor you CV subtly towards that company. This can really help make your CV stand out from the crowd and might make the difference between being shortlisted or not. When it comes to an interview, this research will serve you well and the recruitment team will already have begun to think that you might be the right fit for the company. 

“Each company will have its own unique brand identity and some will spend huge amounts of money investing in their branding, differentiating themselves from the competition…”


Whatever you do, if you really want to give yourself the best chance of getting to that all important interview, you must take the time to create an effective and unique CV for each application.We recommend that you head over to our friends at Flight Deck Wingman who can offer you some expert guidance on creating a powerful CV.

To speak to us about your unique requirements, then please get in touch today – we’d be delighted to speak with you and let you know more about how SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment can support your business!


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