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SkyChaser was founded in 2020 by Andrew Neofytou and Patrick Hunter, two aviation professionals with a vision for changing the way pilots are recruited.  Their paths crossed in October 2019 when Andrew and Patrick were assisting pilots affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook.  As pilots themselves, Andrew and Patrick have experienced first-hand the hardships that have befallen professionals throughout the aviation industry due to the pandemic. 

Matched with equal amounts of passion, grit and industry knowledge, Andrew and Patrick resolved to join forces and start SkyChaser.  Within one year – and during a pandemic, no less – SkyChaser has already started to change the face of aviation recruitment, delivering personalised service to clients and candidates alike.  As we prepare for what we hope is an end to the uncertainty and as we look to the future, SkyChaser is determined to help aviation operations and pilots get back off the ground and into the skies. 

Why SkyChaser?

At SkyChaser, our point of difference stems from our decades of combined experience in the aviation industry, ranging from naval service and commercial airline piloting, to pilot application and assessment services and recruitment.  Our breadth of industry experience enables us to deliver clients and candidates alike bespoke recruitment services. 

We offer a practical, ‘no nonsense’ approach, with open channels of communication that ensure that clients’ needs are met and candidates are kept in the loop through every step of the recruitment process.  No longer do employers have to sift through lists of applications that do not meet their stringent standards.  No longer do candidates have to wait and wonder what is to come of their application.

Our Philosophy

SkyChaser is built on values that aim to deliver the best outcome for both our clients and candidates, constantly exceeding their expectations in every element of the service we provide. Building our service around these values sets us apart from our competitors and defines what we provide to our clients. These values include:

We are not a high-volume recruitment agency and never refer candidates to our clients that we don’t believe are a perfect fit. We focus on delivering a flawless recruitment process for our candidates. First impressions count and a smooth candidate journey makes a positive impact on job satisfaction.

We utilise a pull methodology, allowing our client’s needs to drive our business and never try to push or sell candidates. We get to know our client’s business intimately so we don’t waste any resources in finding the perfect candidate right from the outset.

We value long-term relationships and build trust with our clients by setting realistic expectations that we can work towards in unison.

SkyChaser is founded by pilots and we know what it’s like to go through the recruitment process ourselves. We ensure proper processes are in place so that candidates are always treated fairly and promptly informed of their application progress.

With so many emails and notifications constantly bombarding our lives, effective communication is vital. Like talking on the radio, we keep chatter to a minimum; communicating only what’s important and making sure the message gets across.

We believe good preparation is vital to the success of any project. The more prepared we can be, the more flexible we are when plans change.


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