Compassion for our Candidates Capability for our Clients


Compassion for our candidates

This is a concept not widely understood by so many recruitment agencies, who often treat candidates as a resource, rather than as a person. We truly care about our candidates and their livelihoods, ensuring they are always kept up to date.

Capability for our clients

We don’t just advertise a job opportunity; we really get to know you and your business, ensuring that we only recruit motivated and committed candidates that are driven to engage in and grow your business.

Capability for our clients

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

We get to know you

Meaning we only recruit motivated and committed candidates.

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

We generate outreach

We attract the talent from the outset, generating a bespoke campaign around your needs.

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

Driving value for your business

We find employees that are motivated to engage in and grow your business.

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

Making the right choice

We promise to never put forward candidates that aren’t an ideal fit for your operation.

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

Bespoke assessment design

Our bespoke assessment design will ensure you get exactly the pilots you need.

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

You have control

If your requirements change, our agile team is quick to adapt.

We've got the world covered

Aviation recruitment

With offices in London and Melbourne, we are always on hand to help meet your operational requirements. Get in touch with one of our team today!

SkyChaser Aviation Recruitment

Europe HQ

"I would wholeheartedly recommend SkyChaser to the aviation training and business aviation community, where the team’s experience, diligence and proactive approach will be an undoubted asset."
Philippe Polman - Director, Echelon Air Flight Training
Director / Echelon Air Flight Training
"In what can often be a recruitment minefield, SkyChaser’s caring, consistent and informative approach was a real breath of fresh air. Thank you, Andrew and Patrick for genuinely caring about my recruitment journey at such a challenging time."
Martin Coode - Candidate, Echelon Air Flight Training
HT/CFI / Echelon Air Flight Training

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